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Sugar Pop !

After working with #sugarcosmetics for more than 5 years now. The Company came up with a new concept, new range of cosmetics and skin care products. The Brief was simple, let it pop !! we wanted to create images which would pop in terms of colors, styling, lighting and props... After creating a mood-board with the exact brief, considering it as a brand for young teenagers out there, the team came up with ideas where we could connect the brand with the people who are always on the go hustling...

This was the brief for colors we received from the client - Brand Tones / color palette

we then went ahead and created images matching the tonality of the brand color options given to us... Here are some images based on the brief and mood-board...

We have created images by keeping the lighting bright and allowed the shadows to play around too !! It is a combination of brighter backgrounds, a hard looking light and allowing the POP of products to come through... Do share your feedbacks and questions, if any.

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