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Freeze mode On!

One of the most impactful visuals or imagery is when all three elements of color, sharpness and light meet just at the right time. These are highly impactful as well as dramatic images. Some call this Freeze, some call this as High Sync Speed or the client simply calls this as a" how will we do this image and get the click at the perfect time " To block the exact moment of impact, the flash and camera have to meet at a certain moment in time where the power matches the exposure perfectly, below is the simplest form in which one can understand how this works, you will need 3 things for this :- 1) Manual Shutter speed option in Camera 2) Lights which have - freeze or HSS mode. 3) Trigger which will act as medium of contact between camera and the light.

Here are some examples of images created by me for clients.

The are interesting images, needs expertise and precision. Thank you for reading, do let me know if there are any topics you want me to share blogs on. Cheers.

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