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Snap it !

Saurik, I want my images and products to look Solid, Impactful and at the same time full of details, said Krishna Parekh when we first met a couple of years ago, Krishna - founder of the brand was very much involved in the process of getting out the best quality content for his brand Snap it - www.instagram/snapitbread/ We created 2 sets of Images for Snapit - Ecommerce & Creatives ( Web and social media ) The Shoot was curated by Brand owl Studio & styled by Disha Sanghavi we wanted to get the maximum texture out of the product, most of the images here will have Hard light, filled up with softer fill. Because the product has both texture and shape, it was very tricky and exciting to cover both areas of the subject, here are the results. Ecom Images for Website

Creative Images

Thank you. Cheers.

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