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Sugar Play !!

Sugar Cosmetics launched its first ever pre-teen and teen focused line of makeup named ‘Sugar Play’. The new colour cosmetics brand mixes playful shades with formulations made for delicate, young skin. - Fashion Network In 2023, We had the opportunity to work with Sugar Cosmetics new range of products under Sugar Play... The Moodboard and Brand tones were very different, we had planned to create images which are vibrant and bold at the same time. For this shoot we did mix a lot of lighting, we did use RGB lights as well as color gels. the holographic background was also very different and new. The images below have following sections :- 1) Product shots 2) Group images 3) Texture Shots This was their first shoot, we majorly had to focus on the look and feel of these images, a new brand language in terms of visuals was created for Sugar play. Styled and directed by Sagar Thombare and Shagun Sethi.

Shot for Sugar play, 2023. Feedback and comments are welcome.

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