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Saurik Shah

It's all about crafting and capturing...that moment and creating eternity out of it

Saurik is a Mumbai based photographer and specialises in table top photography for a range of products from beauty and skin care, lifestyle and food. He loves to play with three elements of light, colour and objects to kindle those layers of deeply embedded human emotions.

Saurik completed his Master Craftsman course in Professional Photography from Shari Academy in 2015.​

One of the biggest advantages of working with Saurik is access to his studio and the library of backgrounds and styling products available with him. You could only have your product and yet come out with some of the most stunning photoshoots, thanks to his library! And well, also save up on studio rentals and hiring costs of those styling backgrounds.​

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He has worked for a host of companies in the e-commerce, creative and advertisement spaces. Some of his big clients include Sugar Cosmetics, KayByKatrina, Pinnacle India, Mama Earth and more.

His expertise in retouching work and deep Knowledge of fine art prints makes him one of those rare species of photographers on Earth! And the best part, right from brainstorming to creating a mood board to having a test shoot to the actual shoots and the final re-touching, he is one point of contact. He guides his clients at every point in their journey with him.


Apart from commercial photography, Saurik is deeply interested in landscapes and believes strongly that the essence of the art lies in capturing the force of the invisible and the intangible​​​.

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